Kota Seriemas: Striking Gold

Just 10 minutes from KLIA (and an hour or so from the heart of KL city centre), Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club sure ticks all the boxes


There is a certain undeniable allure about any new golf course. Anything that’s different or unusual is bound to tickle the senses but so does something that is truly good. Novelty is fleeting but a great golf experience takes considerably longer to construct.

If achieved the feel-good sensation, the dopamine high, is a lot more reliable. It becomes something you can trust. A subsidiary of PNB Development (PNBD), Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club (KSGCC) near the Sepang F1 circuit is arguably one of the best new, or even “old” courses around. Whilst not exactly brand spanking fresh out-of-the-box new, the ‘new car smell’ so to speak certainly hasn’t worn off either. I was eager to see if KSGCC was as capable of impressing on a repeat visit now almost a year later as it had done on my three previous encounters back when it was freshly minted.

Any concerns were quickly dismissed; the course and the luxurious clubhouse – designed by architect M. Azahari – have been commendably well maintained. New car smell indeed. It is difficult to fault any of the playing surfaces let alone the spotless leather lounge chairs, sparkling polished floors or the excellent locker rooms and clean showers. The food at the golfer’s terrace is good, even better than before.

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