The Club’s Surau or Musolla is designed with a Moorish interior concept, away from the English and Colonial feel of the rest of the Clubhouse. 

Providing separate halls for gentlemen and ladies, the Surau is located in the quietest area of the Club, away from golf and foot traffic, allowing prayers to be performed in full focus and concentration.

The ablution area is situated within the surau complex next to the prayer hall, fitted with ample taps for wudhu’ to be performed, and specially designed shoe racks and benches built in to allow guests to prepare for wudhu’. Plenty of clean sandals are provided for guests’ convenience.

The Surau is fitted with lush carpeting, very clean and spacious to provide our guests with a comfortable and serene place to perform their obligations. The Surau can also be booked for special ceremonies like akad nikah or tahlil.


Capacity  80 pax

Architecture  Moorish